Monday, June 02, 2008

Session 1 - Mike MacIntosh

I Thes. 1

  • The return of Jesus is mentioned in each of the chapters

  • The Church is in the Lord - not a man, or a denomination.

  • It's so important for us to be praying for each other.

  • We have a lot of power in our prayers

  • George Mueller & his 5 college friends

  • 65 years of praying for his friend

  • Paul's fruit among the Thessalonians came through the teaching of the Word.

  • Acts 17:11

  • Chuck Smith was always ministering - so much for the "you gotta take a break!" guys...d'oh...

  • Whatever we're doing today for the Lord should be a work of faith.

  • Pastoring the church takes faith

  • The day you stop loving the people is the day you walk out.

  • Labor of love - I.e., no strings attached.

  • No fingerprints.

  • We get "it" (it being a labor of love) when the devil knocks you down, & the Lord holds you & picks you back up.

  • Patience of hope - trust Him to work & deliver you.

  • Hope comes through affliction

  • If any man boast, let him boast that he knows & understands Me...

  • God will shake us, test us - do I really love Him, really love the people?

  • I should always give thanks to God for/in the ministry - not complain, not become embittered, not backtalk

  • "Mike, it's just a bump in the road."

  • Do I want to go on with the Lord? Then the afflictions will come.

  • These three things:
    • The Word

    • The Holy Spirit

    • Much assurance
        The last comes only with the first two.

  • I need to be an example even in how I suffer, forgive, & live in & give out grace.

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Excellent post, Mike, excellent!
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