Tuesday, June 03, 2008


  • David glories in the grace & forgiveness of the Lord - his iniquities were covered

    • His iniquities weren't accounted to his account

    • How much more am I blessed?

      • Not only are my iniquities not accounted - Jesus' righteousness is...!

  • If David, the man after God's own heart, could live a lie...how mucu more me?

    • I am capable of living a lie

    • I don't want to live a lie!!!

  • God dealt with Dave - hand of correction - dryness

    • Don't despise the chastening of the Lord

  • Sin translates to spiritual drought

  • David confessed - he didn't make excuses

    • That's what opened the door for experiencing true renewal & refreshing

  • I need to stop making excuses.

  • "You are my hiding place...You always fill my heart with songs of deliverance..."

  • As David is worshipping & expressing himself to God, God speaks to him (vv.8-9)

    • I'm not here to hear more Bible studies...God desires to speak to me

    • I need to be looking & listening

  • I don't want to be vomitted to get where God wants me to be (Jonah)

  • The small things are important to God

    • I want to be led by God's eye - I don't want to wait for the bit & bridle

    • What affects the "small" areas of my life will affect the "large" areas

    • "I don't want you to be wild & unbroken."

  • Abraham got tired of waiting...and then Ishmael came

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