Saturday, May 31, 2008

Heading to CA

Tomorrow morning, I have the inexpressibly wonderful privilege to fellowship with the saints here on the Lakeshore and work through the rest of Luke 6 with them.

Tomorrow evening, I get on a plane to head to the Left Coast for the annual Pastors' Conference.

I simultaneously love and hate this time of year.

I love, I look forward to this time of year - I get to fellowship with brothers-in-arms from all over the planet whom I haven't seen in a year, get to soak in some of the best Biblical teaching around, get "trimmed" (as my brothers Ed Yearack and Roger Ulman like to call it), and partake of the Third Ordinance the Lord left for His church.

Good times.

I hate and dread this time of year, because I'll be apart from my lovely and gracious wife - and now I'll also be apart from my son. Since my lovely and gracious wife has been invited pretty much every year since we've been here planting CC Lakeshore to speak at our pastor's church's Ladies' Retreat, which is held on the weekend before the Murietta Conference, she leaves the Wednesday before I do - so I wind up not seeing her for a week-and-a-half.

Now, this year, I'll be missing my wife and son.


My plan for this week: some "live blogging" RE: the conference, much like last year, plus "live-Twittering."

Gotta love microblogging.

Now I need to get to sleep - if I can - so that I can be as fresh as possible when 4am rolls around, to head to the church building and finish preps for Sunday morning.

Rock on...

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