Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Between Sessions

The Afterglow last night was...indescribable. I have rarely experienced the presence of the Spirit in such a sweet, powerful way.

After this morning's sessions (the notes of which I'll post shortly - I'm typing this as fast as I can before lunch - priorities and all - in the Overflowing Cup), and during the workshops (I again played hooky opted to rest and unpack the sessions' messages), I went to the front desk to pick up a package that my lovely and gracious wife sent to me. That woman - that insanely Proverbs-31-awesome woman - sent me a "DAD ROCKS" t-shirt (this is the first conference where I'm a daddy) and some sugar-free Reeses Cups and homemade sugar-free chocolate-chip cookies.

Have I mentioned yet how very much I adore that woman?

I also got to hang for a brief bit with John "Deadman Walking" Duncan and Chad "SMP" Myhre, before heading into the Cup.

Speaking of the Cup, tonight - 8pm Michigan time. Mellon Arena. I will again be getting text message updates from my lovely and gracious wife. Go, Wings.


I got to talk a bit more with Tom Stipe; we're both...looking forward to Warren's session. I am honestly interested to hear what he has to say. More to come.

And in answer to the dude who chuckled at my having mentioned the "Roman Spa" earlier - hey; it's not my name for it. That's what the map we were given at check-in calls it.

And here it is:

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