Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Session 2 - Bob Caldwell

  • It's amazing what an environment of faith,
    love, and truth can do.

  • We limit ourselves to ourselves too much.

  • Paul had a heart of great boldness in God,
    but with great conflict.

    • The people who had wanted his help style='mso-bidi-font-style:normal'>initially, turned on him & lit
      into him

    • "The last time I was sent somewhere
      by God, I got my head kicked in!"

    • ...but is it worth it?

    • ...it is if you're called.

  • Can't look back - keep fighting through style='mso-bidi-font-style:normal'>for the sake of the people God called
    you to.

  • Conflicts are part of the ball game - they
    don't go away.

  • "If you think about it, most of us
    (pastors) just aren't all that sane."

  • The devil would love you to
    "play church."

  • Satan hates your guts.

  • Conflict is a gift - it's a great purifier
    - it will either crush us, or draw us to the Lord.

  • This isn't heaven - so get up & fight

  • "We have been approved by God to be
    entrusted with the Gospel" - & that's wat drove Paul on.

  • Am I seeking to please God...?

  • If I'm seeking to be approved, I style='mso-bidi-font-weight:normal'>will

    • Everything I want to trust in I want to be

    • What's more powerful, more important than
      the Gospel?

  • Does the Gospel own my heart...?

  • My relationship with this Book (the Bible)
    is a heart thing.

  • I would rather teach a small little sermon
    that had real faith than a fancy one with sophistication that draws men to
    imagined greatness.

  • Don't despise the day of small beginnings.

    • That Bible study for 5 people is just as
      important to God as one for 5000

  • What is it that's holding me back?

    • Does the Lord have my heart, or have I
      let it grow cold...?

  • A local church, to not labor in vain, I
    must have a mother's affection for the people.

    • Does my son ever thank me for changing
      his diapers?

    • ...see how this applies to the ministry?

    • It's not about being appreciated - and I
      probably won't be

  • Pastors have to be "non-quitters"
    - but also gentle.

  • God would fan the flame of someone who was
    about to go out.

  • There are many bruised people - treat them
    with gentleness, not brutality.

    • We can't be too busy not to cherish the
      people & be gentle.

    • Chuck seems to love everybody - style='mso-bidi-font-weight:normal'>even
      the bruised

  • Give not just the Gospel, but my style='mso-bidi-font-weight:normal'>life,

    • When you give your heart to people, yoire
      going to get hurt.

    • Paul wasn't a disconnected professional.
      Many of the people you give your life for won't like you.

      • style='mso-bidi-font-style:normal'>Do it anyway style='font-size:10.0pt;font-family:Tahoma;mso-fareast-font-family:Tahoma'>.

  • Fathers invest in their kids and don't
    expect anything in return.

  • The Gospel is what it's about - not me.

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