Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Session 8 - Pedro Garcia

I had heard Pedro speak (I believe it was) last year, as a devotional speaker.

I liked him then, I like him now.

Also, I apologize for the scatterbrain-style note-taking - this is how I jot notes on my HTC 6800. It's more "stream-of-consciousness" than true notetaking.

Mea culpa.

  • Paul lived as though each day could be his last

    • Lived in absolute abandon

  • We need to be passionate about what we do

  • Conviction - with heart, with faith

  • Paul was passionate about the church, the Bride of Christ

  • I need to grow in the gift of exhortation

  • Paul tells us what time it is, & then what to do in that time

  • In light of Jesus' soon return, it's not time to disengage, but to engage

  • A good leader is a good follower

    • A shepherd is also himself a sheep

    • We would be foolish to ignore the wisdom of what has gone before

    • Not only look for Timothies, but also Pauls

    • We need to use wisdom in who we allow to speak into our lives

  • We (I) need the elder statesmen of the movement, & the Church at large

  • Take the time to thank those who do the work in the fellowship

  • "Ministry is the extreme sports of the Christian world. It's for crazy people."

    • It's intense, pain-filled work

    • No room for lazy pastors that won't give themselves to the last full measure to love the sheep

    • It is a labor of love - or it is nothing

    • We need to be involved with the sheep

  • We are not to lord it over the flock

    • Our authority - which is real - is for their growth, not our benefit

  • The true pastor labors for, loves, & serves the people

  • In one sense, ministry is always warfare


  • Many times, we teach the what - but we need to teach the why.

  • We need to remember that not everybody is a pastor

    • So don't get uptight when some don't get it

    • Just keep plowing & serving & exhorting

  • A loving shepherd will warn those who need it

    • Firmly

    • But humbly & with a servant's heart

  • God's eyes are always on the timid & weak

    • love them

  • Be patient with all.

  • People will hurt you as a pastor - love them anyway - and don't get a bad attitude

    • Watch out how we (I) respond when this happens

    • No, everybody does not have an agenda

    • Want to minister with the heart of Jesus?

      • Stop being paranoid

      • Love even (especially) when it hurts

  • NEVER retaliate

  • ALWAYS pursue what is good

    • Not just for yourself

    • But for all

  • Pursue the heart of Christ

  • Time is short - don't lose focus!

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