Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Session 7 – David Rosales

  • In every church, for have a mixture of maturity & immaturity.
  • We need to know what we want to be.
  • Do I want to be a vessel of honor, fit for the or Master's use, or do I want to become disqualified?
  • Story of the "snot vase"
  • Becoming a vessel of honor involves voluntary purity
    • Cleanse self from influence of false teachers
  • Our theology is always worked out in community.
  • When we're so focused on nickels 'n' noses, instead of on the Word, we'll fill our churches with leaven.
  • Let it be, that if people disagree with you, that they disagree with the truth.
  • Be careful who you allow to influence your teaching.
  • Purge from the influence from carnal believers.
    • An immoral or doctrinally corrupt believer is more dangerous than an atheist.
    • Fellowship with a willfully corrupt vessel will tend to tempt us to sin.
  • A need for attention is a mark of immaturity
  • Beware of entering ministry with a desire for possessions.
  • Even worse is a desire to control and dominate.
  • We must recognize these desires for what they are, and die to them.
  • A crowd is never a church.
  • Whether 2 or 2000, it's all the Word of God.
  • We are to be passionate, but not pugnacious.

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