Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Session 4 – Wayne Taylor

  • Discipleship
  • Be strong in grace.
  • Passing the message on - multiplying the ministry.
  • Who's your Timothy?
  • Invest in the Kingdom by investing in other men.
  • ''I don't really look for guys who aren't coming to church or the prayer meeting, but those who are.
  • Who do we look for in finding Timothy?
    • Faithful men.
    • What makes Old Faithful faithful?
      • 1: a continual fire
      • 2: that pressure of continual fire & steam has broken the crust
  • Teach others what you have learned.
  • One of David's mighty men - the son of Dodo.
    • Don't choose just those who are just like you.
  • We've got to give guys opportunities.
  • "You may be a geezer but you can still be a geyser."
  • The greatest fruit of my ministry won't be ''my" church - but instead the guys I raise up & disciple.

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