Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Session 10 – David Guzik

(Teaching with power out at the Conference Center)

  • Paul commanded Tim to be doctrinally strong.
    • Revelation - that in itself isn't enough, must also have love
    • But nonetheless, it is absolutely a command.
  • But you (A. T. Robinson - emphatic contrast) must continue in the things which you have learned.
  • I know what those other people are doing - you remain faithful.
  • It's very tempting to turn to the latest fad.
  • There are many who have not bowed the knee to Ba'al - not just our movement.
    • But - they, like we - are a remnant who are standing on Biblical doctrine, not by compromise.
  • We are not basely pragmatic in our ministry
    • We are not ''whatever works''
    • Instead, we are sure that God's work os done, His way, though it may not happen at the same speed as programmatic methods.
  • We have Paul, Peter as our mentors - just like Tim!
    • We have an apostolic mentoring through the Word!
    • Even though Tim knew the Word from childhood, Paul still brought him back and pointed him to the word & faithfulness to the Word.
  • We are part of the same church as Moody, and Spurgeon. And Whitfield, Luther, Calvin, and on back.
  • The Church didn't give us the Bible - she only recognized the Bible which the Spirit gave.
    • The Church did not create the Bible, she recieved the Bible.
  • God breathed out of His men His holy Word.
  • The Bible outlives, outlasts, & outworks all its critics.
  • Critics says "Christianity isn't about the Bible, it's about Jesus."
    • False dilemma.
    • The Bible isn't God, true, but it is His voice.
    • Anyone with spiritual life knows that Jesus meets us in His Word.
    • It is a holy act of fellowship.
    • Those who deny inerrancy deny the life & power of God.
  • Now - if we really believe that, then we must live it.
    • Strong exegesis.
    • Strong study habits.
    • Honoring His Word.
  • All Scripture is inspired, and all Scripture is profitable.
    • It is all perfect, because it comes from a perfect God.
  • The Bible leads me into everything that I need.
  • We are in the business of equipping our people.
  • Be a hearer and a doer
  • If the way you do church (talking to young men called to pastoral ministry) looks just like prev. generations, Something is wrong.
    • Even so, there still needs to be a foundational love of the Word.

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