Thursday, June 04, 2009

Session 15 – Chuck Smith


·         Paul not only wrote to Timothy when he was in prison, but he wrote many of his letters from prison

o   God no doubt allowed Paul those prison experiences that we might have the benefit of the prison epistles

o   We often wonder why God allows (fill in the blank) to happen to me?

§  But as with Paul, He always has His purpose.

o   God was wanting a larger work for His church, to leave the church with guidance and comfort

§  So God allowed Paul’s discomfort, to provide a greater comfort

§  When God allows discomfort, He has a greater purpose.

·         Like Paul, we are what we are by the will of our God.

·         Make sure of your calling

o   Story of trying to be like Billy Graham.

·         First three chapters of Ephesians relates nothing but a litany of how good God is and what He has already done for and given to you in through and by Christ Jesus.

·         The importance of systematically, expositionally working straight through books of the Bible.

·         The Biblical emphasis is not what I should be doing for God, but what He has already done for me.

o   Yes, there is man’s response –but that’s exactly what it is – a response.

o   Where do I come in?  Faith.  Is that all?  Yep, that’s all…

o   We respond to the Lord.

§  So don’t beat the sheep over the head with what they should be doing for Him – point out what He has done for them, and their response will come as a natural, necessary result.

·         Be very careful of taking your frustrations out on God’s people.

o   Don’t preach to the empty seats.

·         One of the real successes of Calvary Chapel is the longevity of our pastors

o   Be faithful in well-doing, and in due season you will reap

o   Fruit doesn’t grow on the tree the day you plant the seed into the ground.

·         There must be a Biblical, expository emphasis to your ministry

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