Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Devos – Tony Clark

Holy cow.

Not Tony. Or what he said. It was good.  It put the “oo” in “good.”

I think a very great many toes got crunched.

Tee hee.

Ephesians 5

  • ''Be imitators of God as dear Children"
    • We can be imitators of God when we walk in love.
  • Put away the stuff of the old life.
    • Put away lying, speak truth
  • God is blessing Churches outside our group - so stop pointing fingers!
    • When you attack other groups, you become a weapon formed against them - and so we will not prosper.
    • Pride will be the downfall of our movement.
    • These are our brothers here!
  • Some of us are ministering out of anger rather than love.
  • Jealousy is a hard task master.
  • We've spent so much time pointing the finger, that now those three fingers are pointing back at us.
    • When we are judgmental, cocky, and arrogant, we are wrong.
  • We gossip - we're worse than the sisters some time
  • How can God bless our churches when we're grieving Him?
  • When we speak evil of other brothers who aren't doing it like we are, we grieve His Spirit.
  • Tender hearted is the opposite of hard-hearted.
  • Let it go, man.

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