Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Position Papers

While pondering the previous Pop Quiz, take a gander at the collected Position Papers written by Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa over the years. Balanced, fair-minded, and clear.

Yet one more reason I love the Calvary Chapel movement.


Anonymous said...

love Jesus...not a movement.

mike macon said...

Not even apples and oranges; more along the lines of cabbages and quasars.

That statement is like saying, "Love Jesus, not your wife."

I love my wife.

I love the Detroit Red Wings.

I love Jeeps.

I love Perkins (TM) French Silk Pie.

I love the Calvary Chapel movement.

My first love is Jesus - and not only is He my first love, the love itself is of an entirely different content and quality.

Obfuscation profiteth nothing.

Rock on.