Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Phoenix Returns

The Blog Of Which We Do Not Speak is back.

Mike Newnham has his critics, and his supporters. Technically, I suppose, I don't really fall into either camp; but whatever else you think of the ministry of PP/TBOWWDNS, it did (and, apparently, will again) give many a voice and a place to be ministered to that they would otherwise not have had. Like anything else touched by man (including Calvary Chapel), it was considerably less than perfect. But amongst the sometime endless stream of (...must...not...say...bitter...) ah... perturbed venting, real ministry did take place. Just reading the comments of the likes of Ritchie, Rolph, and Fong (sounds like a '70's band) was worth the time to fire up my Bloglines feed.

As I've stated before: This is the internet. You can't silence critics easily. So it's best to learn from them - we've learned that, Mike's learned that, and we've all been bettered thereby.

I'm very interested to see how PP2.0 shapes up.

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