Friday, August 03, 2007

Mike Foster: Standing Like Schaeffer

Mike Foster, a church planter in Cincinnati with the Acts 29 network, has posted a great blogpost which is in essence an "essay report," comparing Schaeffer and Athanasius.

One quote from Foster that makes me now want to read the essay for myself...

We all could stand to take a lesson from Schaeffer. Being faithful to Christ means standing for the gospel and standing against any diminishing of that gospel. This means we might have to take issue with some or even most of the thinking of popular theologians and pastors such as Rob Bell, Doug Wilson, and N.T. Wright among others. This, of course, will get us toss aside and labeled as “picky and intolerant” by many of our peers. Nonetheless, we mustn’t be impressed and draw into the compromise of a Christianity that is often drunk on the worship of Christian celebrity.

I couldn't agree more.

Very timely, too; I was just involved in a brief discussion of "New Perspectivism" (which I am distinctly unimpressed with)... the leading light of which would be none other than N.T. Wright...

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