Friday, August 03, 2007

Pop Quiz: The Answer.

Tuesday, I asked who y'all thought a Statement of Purposes and Principles came from. The dudes over at the Wordpress mirror of this blog were basically split between #4 (an Emerging Community) and #5 (None of the Above).

Good guesses.

And the reason why I asked the pop quiz question, is because it sure does sound absolutely indistinguishable from an Emergent kind of drivel--er, that is, Statement of Purposes and Principles. I'd say, "Doctrinal Satement," but that's too bourgeoisie and consumerist to be ECMmish.


But no, those who guessed "None of the Above" are - absolutely correct.

The Statement of Purposes and Principles comes from a local Unitarian Universalist congregation.

In case you don't recognize the term "Unitarian Universalist," I give you some of the latest stuff from their website:


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