Thursday, April 05, 2007

Incredible end to an incredible season

With two games left, and both of those against the bottom-of-division Blackhawks, it looks like the Detroit Red Wings are firmly ensconced at the top of the League.

So now the hunt for Lord Stanley's Cup can begin in earnest.

Honestly, folks, this has been an incredible season. This has been a rebuilding period - a brand new team, for all intents and purposes, what with so many of the veterans gone, and the retirement of The Captain, and a new era under the worthy successor (two places removed) from the legendary Scotty Bowman as head coach. And yet, under the leadership of Nicky Lidstrom, the Wings have again ascended to the pinnacle of the professional hockey world.

Now, I like other sports. I'm an American, and it's federal law to be a football and baseball fan. So I of course root for the Tigers (who actually gave us something to cheer about last season) and the Lions (who...ah...didn't).

But there's a good reason why Detroit's not called "football town" or "baseball town."

There's just something about hockey.

Probably the fact that we're way too close to the Old Dominion. It's the cold air. Or maybe the donuts.


But cut me and I bleed red. Or white, depending on which sweater we're wearing, which further depends on which team we're about to go Patty Verbeek on.

But whatever the reason, hockey is indeed the "coolest game on earth."

And if you're a hockey fan - and specifically a Detroit hockey fan - this is the start of the best time of year.

Let the hunt begin.

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