Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Oh, this is good. Exposes the stunningly brash double-standard that the MSM displays toward the Jewish State, especially RE: the recent abduction of BBC reporter Alan Johnston and the inexplicable desire of the MSM to not offend Islamists by applying the standards of rational discourse to them, while bending over backwards to lambaste Israel.

The first two paragraphs:

f this was the plan - to remove the Jews from Gaza in order to create a paradise for all the world's trash - why then, this plan is operating wonderfully.

Theft, arson, murder, rape, blood-sucking, head-hunting, honor-killing, kidnapping - it's all there in Gaza, where once, thousands of Israelis thrived peacefully and productively. Suddenly, these Israelis were told that it's time to pack up and go to make room for a generation that murders and abducts for fun and for profit.

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