Tuesday, June 08, 2010

2010 Senior Pastors’ Conference – Tuesday Morning Devos

·         It’s so easy to spot when someone’s not in the Spirit

o   The problem is discerning whether or not I’m walking in the Spirit

o   That’s why we need our brother’s help, the Word, and the conviction of the Spirit

·         We are gathered here to hear from the Lord – called here, enabled to be here to hear from the Lord

o   We can get so caught up in technology {{hey – I’m doing the Lord’s work here getting the notes up for those who can’t be here, back off}}

·         Text: Malachi 2

·         The curse is already in place – it’s like gravity, there’s no way around it.

·         The Lord laid it on his heart to come here with a heart ready to repent

·         We have this great legacy, and we want it to continue on.

·         If we come to these conferences and we don’t think we can be changed, conformed – how can we think we can go back and be used by the Lord to bring God’s heart-changing Word to His people?

·         All we have to do is take things to heart and desire to give glory to God – that’s it

o   It’s so simple

o   We overcomplicate things

o   Hearts yielded – whatever it takes, give us that heart

·         It’s so easy to get caught up  in routine, isolated in our own fellowships, running a show

o   And the Lord would have us focus on Him.

·         Illustration of the guy at the conference that went into a seizure – “I’m not eating your food!!!”

o   God uses fools! {{Thank God for that!}}

·         The simplicity we have in Christ.

·         “Jesus is speaking in a hyper-boil.”

·         It is the Spirit who comforts you, enables you, picks you up and carries you on.

·         Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

o   So seek the Lord

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PastorMatt said...

Hey Mike, this is Matt Valencia, CC Gilroy. I couldn't make this year's conference so I did a search to find out if anyone posted anything about it. Wish I were there. Thanks for sharing. Be blessed.

Looking to Jesus,