Monday, June 14, 2010

2010 Senior Pastors' Conference - Thursday Devos - David Trujillo

·         God did not save us to sit on a bench, but to get out there and get the Gospel to the lost.

·         We are given to live for the Kingdom of God, not our kingdom.

·         We are Christians first, not pastors.

·         REVELATION 2

·         God knows of our labors, what we do for Him

o   Nevertheless (can be stated, “despite…however…”)…

o   “Man, I’m doing all this stuff, doing all these outreaches…”

o   Left the first love (Jesus) to focus on at-best-secondary things (building the church)

o   {{story of showing the marked Bible}}

o   Am I doing what I am doing for God – really?

§  Or am I doing what I’m doing for myself?

o   If I lose my love for God, I will lose my love for humankind, too, and be filled with love for self.

o   I can’t do what I do to try to build a church; I must do what I do out of love and devotion to Christ.

·         God’s call, His solution: remember who you are, remember Who He is.

o   Return to your first love.

o   Get back to your Dad’s pad.

·         When I do what I do for Jesus, there is joy, there is blessing – no matter what the apparent success or lack of it happens to be.

·         Repent, do the first works again.

o   Got caught up in doing the work of the church? Repent.

o   Remember those first works, the works motivated by love, and do those.


§  Studying, preparing to share, is not devotional time – is not time spent specifically to hear from the Spirit.

§  Read the Bible, pray for your fellowship, your relationship with Jesus.

§  Joshua 1:8

§  Saturate your minds in God’s Word.

o   Pray continually.

o   Share [the Gospel] constantly

·         Remember the works of the Spirit

o   We need to get back to total submission to the Spirit of God

o   We need the power of God in our lives if we want to do His work effectively

§  Which means we need to stop trying to do it ourselves

o   We need to be sensitive and attentive to the Spirit

§  Which by the way means that we are to live in continual repentance

o   We need to be led by the Spirit

§  {{story of ministering to the girl}}

o   Take ventures of faith with the Spirit

§  Where God guides, He provides

o   Be controlled by the Spirit

§  Be held in check by the Spirit

§  If you’re in the flesh, you hinder the Spirit.

§  Never live in such a way that you wonder, “what could have the Lord done in my life?”

o   {{story of his brother, having been shot}}

·         Let God keep you in check

o   Stay in the Word

o   Stay close to Jesus

o   Stay in the Spirit

o   Continue to take ventures of faith

o   Encourage the brethren

·         The Lord wants to do much through us, but we often tie His hands with our agendas.

o   Live for Him – wholly for Him!

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