Sunday, June 06, 2010

2010 Senior Pastors’ Conference – T Minus 2 Days and Counting

After a brief 3.5 hour nap after working all day Friday, I woke up & drove into Grand Rapids to catch the early morning flight to California by way of Atlanta.

My travelling companions were pastors Ed Yearack of CC Grand Rapids, and Roger Ulman of CC Kalamazoo – two of my best friends and fellow brothers-in-arms in ministry.

The flights were both very laid back and quiet; we were all quite exhausted.

Also, they were thankfully uneventful.

The Michigan Pastors - waiting for our ride After landing in Los Angeles and hooking up with pastor Jim Dunn of CC Lansing, we grabbed our rental, and took off.

Heading south on the Pacific Coast Highway, we pulled in to Huntington Beach and ate at Fred’s Mexican Restaurant, across the road from the pier. Excellent, excellent food.

We walked around Huntington Beach for a while, watching a surfing competition and a volleyball competition which were both being held on the same day, as well as a huge outreach by CC Huntington Beach, complete with bands and a few speakers. Afterwards, to Ruby’s at the end of the pier, then to the Residence Inn near CC Costa Mesa.

Exhausted. Will wake up early in the morning to hit CCCM’s morning service, then to do some more tooling around Southern California.

I hope to have a more meaningful update tomorrow, complete with pictures. My trusty Palm Pre failed me somewhat today, as its battery died early on in the day after the long flights – and like a dummy, I forgot to pack my car charger. However, it’s redeeming itself somewhat right now, since I’m using it as a wifi router to connect myself and pastor Jim’s laptops to the interwebs.


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