Monday, June 14, 2010

2010 Senior Pastors' Conference - Session 12 - Damien Kyle


·         {{began by praying for the gift of Tongues for the brothers who expressed a desire to pray for that particular gift}}

·         ACTS 25

·         The account of the Apostle Paul’s very memorable defense before the Roman Procurator Festus and King Agrippa (and his wife Bernice)

o   Middle of a story that had begun a few years earlier

§  Included his arrest by Roman soldiers

§  After having been rescued by them from the violent mob at the Temple mount

§  The plot against his life by the 40 religious fanatics

§  Resulting military escort from Jerusalem to Ceasarea to ensure his safety

§  Left in prison without charges for two years

·         Felix hoping that Paul would try to bribe him

§  When it became apparent that Paul was not going to have his case heard fairly by Festus (who had taken over from Felix), Paul exercised his right to appeal to Caesar

§  And so Festus, having to specify charges, determined that there would be a hearing for the purpose of hearing Paul’s case, so as to enumerate charges.

·         When permission was given to Paul to speak, he became the focus of the room

o   Everyone’s eyes now came upon Paul

o   And eeverybody had two questions:             

§  What would he do

§  What would he say

o   The most powerful government leaders in that part of the world were now his audience

o   Would he use this opportunity to defend himself?

o   Would he accuse the government of abuse of his rights?

·         When Paul opened his mouth, he proceeded to give them the most valuable thing that he had to give

o   The one thing that Rome couldn’t take away from him – chains couldn’t take away from him – no one could take away from him

o   He gave them his testimony.

o   His personal story of how he came to faith in the Lord Jesus.

·         It is interesting to notice how often the Apostle Paul publicly recounted his testimony, and how often that it’s recorded in the Scriptures

o   No less than 3 times in Acts alone

o   Multiple references to it in his epistles

o   This tells us that Paul never lost his awe over his salvation story

§  It had an ongoing influence on his Christian life and service

§  Had a healthy humbling praise-producing effect on his personal life and ministry

§  As he thought about what he was before Jesus, how God had saved him, and the amazing privilege that was his to live his life for Jesus

·         What was I before Christ?

o   What would I be now without Him?

o   What did He save us out of – and what is the life that He has saved us into?

o   Thank the Lord for our testimony – for our salvation

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