Sunday, October 19, 2008

This is what you are asking for

For those who support the good senator Barack Hussein "Kill 'Em All!" Obama, and still maintain a Pro-Life veneer, the Stand To Reason blog has just put up two superb blogposts which should give some pause - food for thought, regardless:

If the polls are to be believed (and I'm not convinced that they are - sorry, there, Dr. Larry Taylor; the facts are again not very much in your favor here), Obama will ascend to the throne come January next...and should that be the case, a vastly increased accessibility to infanticide, forced on the public and funded by my {insert Mark Driscoll colorful language here} tax dollars will be the rule of the day.

The STR folks put it best:

Senator Obama just said in the presidential debate that he wants to unite around common ground in preventing unwanted pregnancies.  Frankly, I can never take that apparent olive branch seriously as long as the person offering it wants to expand federal funding of abortion, eliminate any existing restriction on abortion, and actually manufacture more nascent human beings only to be destroyed for their parts.

I just can't take seriously any social justice platform that doesn't include protecting the lives and rights of the tiniest, weakest, most innocent and vulnerable humans.  I'm willing to talk about a broader social justice platform if the 1.2 million unborn children slaughtered every year are included.  Surely, that is fundamental to social justice.

Not to these newbreed evangelicals, apparently.

"Social justice," for these guys, includes the death sentence for babies, to pay for the sins or socio-economic statuses of their parents.


Anonymous said...

pro-life/pro-war Christians are the antithesis to Christianity, never mind abortion.

mike macon said...

Sense you making not are. Least the in. Again try...?