Thursday, October 16, 2008

Semi-Live Blogging the Midwest Pastors’ Conference: Session 9 - Gayle Erwin

John 17

  • "What is your ambition?" 'I just want to do God's will."
  • God doesn't see us the way we see us.
    • God would say, "Yeah, but think of how bad you would be if it weren't for Me and what I did and do for you...!"
  • "Is there any hope for me?" Yes, but not in myself.
  • "The only real difference between the big-time TV jerks and publicity."
  • "His failure turned him into a gentle man."
  • We can't manage perfection in our lives, that's given to us. We manage now confession.
    • I cannot boast in anything.
    • Except that I know Him.
  • Whenever you talk about Jesus, He wins.
  • True unity is around Jesus.

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