Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday is for... stuff that... Tuesday...is... ah... for...

It seems to be the hep-cat-yo-dog-g*money-cool thing to do, if you want to be culturally relevant and all Emerging and all that deconstructive jazz, to periodically post a somewhat pretentious cataolog of stuff... and name it something along the lines of "Music Monday," or "Phriday is for Photos," or "Wednesday is for Wookies," or something along those lines.

Sorry, dudes; couldn't come up with anything snazzy to rhyme with "Tuesday." Doh.

But, in the interest of keeping up with the ECM Joneses, and given that it's been a while since my normally loquacious self has posted anything (I have a really good excuse - but more on that later), here's a smattering of blogposts and newsitems which have caught my attention over the span of the last few weeks, in no particular order...

Well, that's it for now, kids. It's late, I have to drive in to Grand Rapids tomorrow for Day Two of my new "day job to support my habit."

Rock on.


michael cannedham said...

Whoa! How'd you find that Phonics Preacher? I thought I shut that down ages ago. Didn't even know it still existed.. (good stuff though)

Shane said...

Wow! A Calvary dude who is into Presuppositionalism. I never thought that I'd see the day!

The take-over of the "dark side of Calvinism" is almost complete. Bryson and Hunt were right all along!

Seriously, I am one myself. It's pretty good stuff. Try reading John Frame, sometime, on the subject. I've had wonderful conversations with folks using some of the basic tenets of it. Many people use it, in witnessing, without even knowing it.

I won't let the magistrates know what you are into. We'll keep it under the rug for now!

mike macon said...

Oh, don't get your Dortian boxers in a bunch over presup, Shane m'lad... I am sympathetic to aspects of the presup apologetic - namely that there is no such thing as a neutral worldview or neutral assumptions (and the logical consequences that naturally and necessarily flow from this "first principle").

Though the overwhelming majority of your presups are pinko commie Calvinists, I do not even begin to believe that the apologetic is inextricably tied to Reformed soteriology - any more than I believe that dispensationalism is tied to Calvinism, either (sorry, Jonny Mac).

Shane said...

Welcome aboard the Pre-sup train my Arminian friend. Our minions have been successful. It's just a matter of time now...ha, ha, ha, ho, ho, ho, he, he, he....etc, etc, etc.

Soon our takeover will be complete. Bryson and Hunt underestimate the power of the darkside. Soon, we will rule the world!!!!!!!!!!

mike macon said...


I'm predestined to freely choose otherwise.



Shane said...

I couldn't resist Mike. I just found out that the top 2 churches in America who are "multiplying" are....yes that's right Calvinist churches.

Redeemer Pres. Tim Keller
Mars Hill Mark Driscoll


So much for the theory that Calvinism brings death.

Back to the drawing board for old Hunt and Bryson....sorry guys!

mike macon said...

Yes, yes... we can all find exceptions to general rules - like finding non-extreme Word-Faithers, moderate Muslims, and evangelistic Calvinists.

I contend, bro, that evangelistic Calvinism is inherently inconsistent (I know, I know... I'm wrong, you're right, I smell bad, you smell good, I look ugly, you look pretty... etc., etc., etc...)

I live in West Michigan - an area of our great nation caught in the throes of terminal Calvinism. We have the headquarters of two Calvinist denoms here (the CRD and PRC), a major Calvinist seminary (Calvin Seminary), many smaller Calvinist universities and colleges (such as Hope et. al.), and a very deeply ingrained Calvinist culture; a majority of people who identify themselves as Christians here also identify themselves as Calvinist.

I see the effects of terminal Calvinism every day.

One of the reasons why I keep praying for a cure.

Again - I don't care if someone comes down with a mild case of Calvinism - so long as the sufferer makes sure to drink plenty of liquids, get some rest, and not operate heavy machinery until they're quite certain how the Canons of Dort will affect them.

Mild (i.e., inconsistent) Calvinism isn't the problem.

Terminal (i.e., consistent) Calvinism is.

Shane said...

That's funny, because I "swing" in the Southern Seminary (and Boyce College) cirles here in Kentucky. The colleges/seminaries are bursting with many young "calvinist" pastors/missionaries. Attendance is growing and growing (at an all time high). Churches are being planted. Dead SBC churches are coming back to life, etc, etc. The exact opposite of what you are experiencing.

Perhaps, it's not Calvinism that is at the heart of what you are seeing/experiencing? Traditionalism? Lack of the Spirit? Pride? Other factors?

When I see pathetic "arminian" dead churches around Kentucky--I don't assume right away that it's because of that theology. I look for other factors. Sometimes it's a little dose of liberalism that's bringing them down. Or a lack of confidence in God etc, etc.

I think that the problem with you Bryson/Hunt types is that you assume that ONE factor in theology is going to steer the entire ship. Many other factors can be involved. Is it even a little strange to you that some of the greatest revivals in church history were reformed in theology?

The Reformation? The Great Awakening? Spurgeon in London? The missionary movement in England? The current Reformed resurgence in America? Does it give you even the slightest pause?

I think that you are painting with a very broad brush when you claim that Calvinism is at the heart of these problems. I would never assume that the Calvary Chapels are having their various problems because they are Arminian.

I don't think that Keller and Driscoll are exceptions to the rule. That's like saying that Chuck Smith is an exception to the rule that all Arminians have a low view of God. I believe that many in Calvary have a high view of who God is.

Oh well...I just thought I'd rub your nose in some "reality" (ie facts) rather than some of the stuff that's been fed to you.

Have a good day today!