Tuesday, June 05, 2007

2007 Pastors' Conference - Day 1

As usual, I look forward to this time of year every year - and I dread it. I dread it because I hate being apart from my lovely and gracious wife for the week-and-a-half around this time (she leaves a half week before I do to go minister at a yearly ladies' retreat with our pastor's church). But I look forward to it because:

  1. I get to meet and reconnect with some brothers that I don't get to see except for this one time each year, from all over the globe

  2. I love the teaching

  3. I love the ministry time between sessions

  4. I love re-connecting with the pulse of the movement that we're a part of.

Usually, I don't come to the conferences primarily for the teaching - I can always get the DVDs after-the-fact for a lot cheaper and watch them at my own pace. The teachings are awesome, but coming two-thirds the way across the continent just for that is not cost-effective. Rather, I get the most from the conferences from the interactions I have with my brothers-in-arms at the meals, before the sessions, after the sessions, in the hot pools...

But I tell you; every year I'm blown away at what the Lord says through the speakers - something that I think is enhanced by being there.

I was going to comment on the notes I've taken about the conference sessions, buuuuuuuut... Chad Mhyre, the simplemindedpreacher has beat me to the punch - and has done a much better job of it than I was going to.

So, here's his notes for the first day's sessions:

  1. Chuck Smith - Excelling in the Message of the Cross

  2. Joe Focht - Excelling in the Wisdom of God

  3. Bill Ritchie - Excelling in Building Up the Body of Christ

I am so looking forward to Day 2.

And breakfast.

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