Thursday, June 07, 2007

2007 Pastors' Conference - Day 3

As is typical, the speakers, and the word the Lord is speaking through the speakers - just keep getting better, rising to the coming crescendo tomorrow (today, as I type this).

  1. Tom Stipe... incredible warning, timely exhortation. Don't be tripped up in the last lap - finish your race well. Awesome.

  2. Greg Laurie's teaching on Excelling in Bringing Glory to God, which includes the twin ideas of being Kingdom-minded and staying true to the Word, was absolutely on-target.

  3. Chuck Smith's message on communion... you could have heard a pin drop. Guys: there is a reason why this man is so greatly loved, why he has an entire army of Jonathans around him. This session pulls the veil back just a bit so that you can see why. I felt like I was on holy ground when he shared about his mother's passing into glory. I will not cheapen it by describing it further; you must get the DVD of this session.

  4. Ricky Ryan's session was timely, exhortative, and characteristically energetic.

  5. But the day's directed teaching closed out with Damien Kyle - but of course. Who else could? His message on Excelling in Love was... life-changing. Then he led directly into the afterglow, which was... indescribable. The absolute most precious, most Spirit-led, most encouraging and convicting afterglow I have ever been privileged to participate in. I will be digesting what was ministered to me in that afterglow for the next year.

And of course, Chad and the SMP crew kidnapped me and dragged me to some Mexican-ish restaurant for dinner - the cads. The food was incredible, and the encouragement from Bill Ritchie was I think absolutely spot-on, candid, and needed.

Bit of advice: If Chad offers to drive you anywhere, the correct answer is to run. Traffic laws are apparently very optional over yonder on the East Coast, there...

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Michael Foster said...

Damien's a great teacher who I still listen to from time to time! Glad to hear he still "brings it."