Sunday, November 12, 2006

Rosie O'Donnell and Moral Equivalency

Scintillatingly brilliant social commentator Rosie O'Donnell recently told us that we shouldn't fear terrorists because, and I quote, "they're just moms and dads," close quote.

Is that Sting I hear in the background... something about Russians and loving their kids, too...? Hmmmm...

Rosie is quite possibly a lovely person in person... but I honestly can't tell if her role on The View is to be a comedic foil or not.

Her statement is classic "moral equivalency." Terrorists who blow up innocent civilians really aren't bad because they're mommies and daddies with kiddies and everybody let's just grab up a bunch of dasies and dandilions and lock arms and sing with the Smurfs, tra la la-lalala, la-lala la-la...

Unfortunately for Rosie's stunningly spot-on social commentary, these terrorist mommies and daddies believe that sending their precious young'uns to go die in the process of blowing up or at least maiming and injuring the infidel is the most loving thing to do for them, since it's the only way to ensure that they'll be accepted before Allah.

Oh, and they hate the Jews, who it might be noted are also moms and dads. But since they're just Jews, they don't count.

Right, Rosie...?

Comedic foil. That has to be her function on the show...

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