Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Driscoll on Zacharias on ECM

I'm mulling/praying through the text of a session that Scott "I Never Met An Absolute Truth I Liked Except The Absolute Truth That There Is No Way Of Knowing Truth Absolutely And Yet I Somehow Know That Absolutely" McKnight delivered to Westminster Theological Seminary. Reading it (which is a taxing enterprise; I feel the need to dive into a nice, hot Scripture bath and wash thoroughly afterwards, much like reading Bell or MacLaren, et. al. -- oh, dear, is my bias showing...?) triggered a memory of a comment that I've heard about über-smart Christian philosopher Ravi Zacharias and his deepening concern regarding the Emerging Church Movement, which in turn prompted me to dig up a blogpost I'd read from Mark "If Only I Was More Dispensational And Less Pinko-Commie Calvinist I'd Be Calvary Chapel" Driscoll (whose MP3s on Biblical masculinity and femininity are priceless gems). Here it is for your consideration and edification...

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