Thursday, November 30, 2006

Great Quote

A fellow pastor sent me a quote this morning in response to something other than what I'm about to write, but it fits so well that I'm going to post it here in the following context:

One of the most critical failures of the ECM (specifically EmergENT, but the weakness is somewhat pandemic across the breadth of the "conversation"), as Koukl, Taylor, and MacArthur point out, is the downplaying or outright jettisoning of the absolute authority of Scripture.

Side note: many ECM types will decry that statement and loudly proclaim, "Nuh-uh! Nuh-uh! We believe in the authority of Scripture! We do! We do! We're telling you on our mommies!" ...blah, blah, blah. One of the consistent hallmarks of the ECM is what they have called a "chastised" epistemology, and the direct and necessary consequence of that thinking is that you can't be absolutely certain about anything (though some would limit that and say we can know there's a God, He is love, etc., but they're really just being inconsistent at that point). Propositional truth is viewed as "dogmatic" and "outmoded", etc.

So in light of all this, you can see how the following quote speaks volumes to our current cultural condition:

"What does it matter whether people go to Hell because modernists have robbed them of any confidence in the Bible or whether they go to Hell because their loved ones have no power, no supernatural influence, no anointing from God to win souls, to change lives, to draw the unsaved to Christ! The results are the same. The sins that bring the same results are not far apart in wickedness!" - Dr. John R. Rice, The Power of Pentecost (p. 24)


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