Thursday, October 05, 2006

Palm Gush

BTW, on the note of handhelds (not that anyone's brought it up; I just made
an illegal segue.  Neener.); I really really really really love my new Palm T|X.  I can surf wirelessly (and since the city of Grand Haven has free wi-fi, that's not an insignificant super power to have), download blogposts (such as Dr. Larry Taylor's or Mark Driscoll's) to mull over, write my responses offline during ::ahem:: down time, check e-mail, upload them, do the do-si-do and turn myself about...

I've tried WinCE devices (yes, yes, yes... I know, they're called "Mobile
Windows" or something along those lines; but they'll always be WinCE in my heart 'cause that's what I do every time I contemplate using one of them) and I just like the Palm platform much, much better.  I love the fact that I can create and edit truly native Office docs (it's a dirty little secret that WinCE's Office support is not, in fact, seamless and native; also see [1]), synch with Outlook (I have no choice), or Evolution (uses similar conduits on my Linux [1], [2] box), and the fact that I'm doing my part to stick it to the man.

Okay, nix that last one.


Anyway, just thought I'd take the opportunity to gush about my Palm, and since it is MY blog...

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