Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Bob Coy @ Midwest Conference - Session 8 Notes

More of my notes from the recent Midwest Pastors' Conference... this is from Bob Coy's second session (actually Session 8 of the conference)...

2006 Midwest Conference

Session 8

Bob Coy


  • Our mission, our mandate: make disciples.

  • How prepared really are the folks in our fellowships?

  • II Timothy 2:1-7
    • v.7 "consider" = "silly putty"

    • much like chewing the cud

  • Spirit of a soldier:

    1. Submission in all soldiers (II Samuel 15)
      1. "heed" = "pay attention"

      2. do I think that I'm more fair & kind & merciful than God?

      3. I want to be that person, that pastor, that God can depend on.

      4. I never want the Lord to say I Samuel 15:11 about me.

      5. Did He ask me to be here?

    2. Submission with absolute surrender (Ephesians 6)
      1. "evil day" = "evil in effect or intent"

      2. the enemy, and the Lord, will push us beyond our

      3. when I gave my heart to Him, I gave everything to Him

      4. we are His illustrations

      5. we are on display

      6. "casualties of war"

    3. Serves with the hope of reward (Hebrews 11)
      1. God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him

      2. purple heart

      3. some soldiers advance - some hold the ground

      4. the rewards for sowing & reaping are the same.

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