Friday, September 29, 2006

Mark Driscoll on the Chucks - the continuing analysis

Okay. More on Driscoll's blog post on the Chucks, & his analysis of evangelicalism and doctrine.

Mark uses the current controversy between Chuck Smith, Sr., & Chuck Smith, Jr. as a template to examine the growing divide between more "traditional" evangelicals and the more "progressive" Emergents (he doesn't use that term - that's all me). In doing so, he lists, then analyzes eight subjects/trends:

  • 1. Creationism

  • 2. Kingdom

  • 3. Hell

  • 4. Rapture

  • 5. Masculinity

  • 6. Homosexuality

  • 7. Literalism

  • 8. Certainty

In each of these he presents his perception of the opposing viewpoints, draws distinctions, and concludes with his perspectives. Each of these subjects/trends is a discussion in and of itself, so I think I'll tackle each as it's own blogpost in coming days.

Before we begin analyzing Driscoll's analysis, however, I'd again like to reiterate how much I've come to really appreciate Mark's stuff in the past several months since I've run across him. If Bell and MacLaren represent the more liberal, "worst" of the Emerging/Emergent church, guys like Driscoll represent the best. Aside from some minor church polity, stylistic, missiology, and (decidedly less minor) soteriology issues, I really, really like his stuff. In general. ;D

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