Sunday, July 16, 2006

NOW World "Leaders" Demand End to Violence

Fascinating - but not in the least bit surprising (Zechariah 12:3) that now the world leaders are calling for an end to violence - now that the Jews have finally had enough of being mortared and bombed and attacked with impunity from southern Lebanon for years and years and years, and patiently taking their grievances to the world and waiting for the justice that is grandiloquently promised (but somehow never actually given to them) and have finally taken action to end the injustice and insanity - bombing the stuffing out of the Hezb'Allah terrorists out of hiding so that innocent Jews no longer have to continue to suffer the incomprehensible inequity of being killed - and getting blamed for not doing more to make it easier for the terrorists to do so... now the world leaders are screaming for the violence to end. Screaming for the Jews to go back to sitting there and letting Hezb'Allah and Hamas and other practicioners of the religion of peace kill them. Don't talk back - sit there and take it like a Jew.

The Vatican (unsurprisingly) has begun to pile on the Jewish State and condemn them for invading a sovereign nation (Lebanon) - forget the fact that Beirut has long denied any connection to Hezb'Allah, that they have no control over those regions of the country that they operate out of, and now that Israel has finally decided to take them at their word and take matters in their own hands to give Beirut a hand rooting out the terrorists they say they in principle are against (and at the same time doing something proactive now to defend their own citizens).

So far America has at least presented a public face of supporting Israel's right to defend herself - even Diane Feinstein (D, CA)...,2933,203851,00.html

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