Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Fond Farewell to the Empies...

Today was the annual Muskegon Air Fair, and since our new building (the
Alstrom Building) is near the airport, we met this morning at our home to
combine Sunday worship with a going-away cookout for the Empies, which worked out nicely also since due to both the Air Fair, it being the middle of summer, and a host of other factors, our otherwise normally small congregation was... smaller-er. Only about 20 of us were packed into our palatial estate - but Jesus was there, so we really didn't mind. The study
this morning was the first part of 1 Peter 4; then we watched a video that we
put together for the Empies - a slideshow of their time in Michigan, and of
friends they'd made while here, to remember us all by when they get to

we watch the video (if you look closely, you'll see Ray's face on the screen)

...then we prayed for the Empies...

the McVannels, from Colorado, who moved to Ludington to plant a Calvary Chapel, visited

Jeff and Maggie McVannel

Ray, with the McLeans

that'd be Captain Chuckie on the grill... I have no idea why they say Steven's a ham...

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