Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christm--HEY...

I'm sitting in the Starbuck's at the Barnes & Noble bookstore (one of my favorite places to go an study and such) and it's snowing like it hasn't snowed all year so far.

Lots of snow.

I mean, lots of snow.

The pictures that follow really don't do it justice.

At least, the pictures of the snow outside won't (thanks to the relatively low technology of my 4.0 megapixel Nikon camera).

But... I'm sitting here, updating the website, doing some administrative stuff for the church and getting ready to get some study time in for our Thursday evening study through Leviticus, and I see this monstrosity roll on by the window in front of me...

at barnes 'n' noble 024

at barnes 'n' noble 025

at barnes 'n' noble 026

at barnes 'n' noble 027

at barnes 'n' noble 028

You know it's snowing when they call out the big Caterpillar mongo-huge tractor and slap on a massive snowplow on the front.


at barnes 'n' noble 005
"The Plowman Cometh"

Thankfully, our small yet tiny house is almost literally right around the corner. If it wasn't snowing (...and, if I wasn't lazy) I could walk home. So the drive won't be too bad...


Chris Elrod said...

We were walking around down here in shorts today...I just went and set the air conditioner down so it would turn on. :-)

mike macon said...

I'm so sorry for you, bro! We'll be praying!


Seriously, I love snow - that's one of the reasons I moved to Michigan from California.

NO, it doesn't snow in California.

NO, that's not snow in the mountains.

There's a reason why skiiers call it "California Concrete."


It's even snowier this morning. Good thing the snow is due to stop pretty quick, here... and that our midweek's on Thursdays. If it was yesterday, we'd probably have had to cancel services, and really - what fun would that have been...?