Thursday, February 07, 2008

GTD in Space

A lot of pastors whose blogs I read make oblation at the altar of Getting Things Done, which is all well and good if that's your thing (personally, I'm a FranklinCovey-aholic - I have PlanPlus on my HTC PPC6800 to keep me in line and beep at me to remember to... do stuff... that I need to remember... stuff...), though I have to wonder how much of the "effectiveness" fad among my brethren-in-the-cloth is (ironically) counterproductive to the real work of the Kingdom (which is often messy an disorganized) and really little more than a more-than-vaguely amusing and ultimately futile attempt to look "proffessional" and "respectable" to the world...

But anyway.

One of the couples in our fellowship forwarded me a great post on The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective Spaceship Captains. Tongue-in-cheek, very entertaining... but also somewhat insightful.

With the glaring exception of Habit 3, the habits and lessons learned can with only minimal tweaking be applied to pastors - and to ministry in general, both vocational and lay.

Though, sadly, some pastors have indiscriminately lived out Habit 3 with individuals other than their respective wives. And are still pastors. Which I will never get. But I partly digress.

The language of the post is mildly Mark Driscoll-ish, which means it's probably best rated "PG-13". So if worldly word usage wigs you way out, don't click on the above link. Remember: You can't expect unbelievers to act (or speak) like believers - you can barely expect believers to act (and speak) like believers these days. This is NOT a Christian post. On that note, if you've never been in the Navy and therefore are unused to sailor-speak, avoid the comments as well.

But if you can forgive the occasional ECM-like verbiage, it's a funny, interesting, and strangely applicable post.

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