Monday, November 26, 2007

Everybody Loves Chris

...Elrod, that is.

And by "love," I mean that only if you're Biblically conservative.

Theological "moderates" and those leaning even further leftward aren't going to be too happy with his latest blogposts.

Which means, he's my new hero.

Check 'em so far:

  1. Love Doesn't Win, which I referred to in my previous blogpost

  2. Jesus Wasn't A Social Worker, and

  3. The Mythical Jesus

All I can say is: OH, MY...

I'm ruining the last blogpost for you (go over and read it anyway), but this quote is absolutely priceless:

The Mythical Jesus came not to be a Savior…but some kind of ancient Mother Teresa…with a little Al Sharpton thrown in for good measure. He didn’t like the rich…or the Republicans…or war…or church…or corporate worship…or pretty people…or absolute Truth. He only came to hang out with prostitutes, homeless people, sick people, rebels and liberal people…and shunned everyone else. He staged protests against the Roman Empire, loved to pray in labyrinths and only read Scripture in the confines of a communal home environment with zero accountability. He questioned all that His Father stood for and only asked questions without ever giving answers…in order not to offend anyone. He was a pacifist that never got angry and practiced tolerance…except with those that disagreed with Him. He used a lot of big words to describe what He did…words that nobody else understood…but made Him look cool. He also spent a lot of time drinking beer and talking about all the stuff He was going to do different.

The Biblical Jesus…was none of the above!

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