Sunday, November 04, 2007


I'd like to ask both of my readers for y'all's prayers for my family this coming week.

We are in the process of trying to adopt a wonderful baby boy, whose birth mom made a series of particularly unwise decisions while she was thirteen years old leading up to, nine months afterwards, Masen's birth - which was about ten weeks ago.

Birth dad, who just got out of jail for the statutory rape of birth mom, is fighting the adoption.

He failed to appear for a deposition last week, his last chance for that is Monday. Then he has his hearings before a judge on Wednesday, and then again (if needed) on Friday.

So this is going to be a very stressful week in the Macon household - "D-Week". We will find out, by the end of this week, whether or not we can proceed with the adoption... or have to give Masen up.

To add to it all, I'm not even at home at the moment; I'm in High Point, NC, for "tentmaking," to pay the bills (oh, those lawyer bills...)

So, I'd really covet y'all's prayers...


Yesterday sure was a full day. That morning, I was in High Point, NC, finishing up teaching a class on CNC programming for my day-job-to-support-my-habit. That evening...

My lovely and gracious wife called me from the courthouse as I was heading home from the airport in Grand Rapids to pick up my guitar and head back to GR to fill the pulpit for a brother in that city (which works, since their mmidweek study is on Wednesday, while ours is on Thursday). It seems the whole court proceeding took all of 15 minutes. The longest part of it was the judge's explanation of his ruling.

He ordered the termination of birth dad, which means after 21 days (the time frame for appeals), we can proceed with formal placement.

Thank you, all of you who prayed...


Lynne in Modesto said...

Thanks for sharing this! will be praying for God's will for all of you!!

"But now, thus says the Lord, who created you, O Jacob, And He who formed you, O Israel; "Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have call you by name; You are Mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you. WHen you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, Not shall the flame scorch you.
Isa. 43:1,2

Anonymous said...

I am praying for you brother.


lynne in modesto said...

Yay~ Yay!!! whoo hoooo!!! :):) thank you for sharing this update Mike! i have prayed for you all week. will continue to pray all continues to go well with the proceedings and paperwork. what a wonderful God we serve! :):)

Shaun S said...



Wellgrounded said...

I came across a link to your blog site via The Phoenix Preacher and I've seen your prayer request for your son! I am praying that our Father will grant you and your wife the desires of your heart, and allow Masen a permanant place in you home. Please keep us posted.