Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Vision of the Sickle

I'm going to steal shamelessly from fellow pastor Troy Warner, who related on another blog a vision that was related to him by a friend whose father is a retired minister...

One day while Mr. Whit was in prayer for the ministry he was serving in God gave him a vision of a large field of wheat that was ready to be harvested. In the field he saw three huge combines coming through and harvesting large amounts of the fruit. He was excited to think that this may be prophetic of what God had in store for his ministry. He saw men like Billy Graham on these combines and asked the Lord where is mine? The Lord replied by showing him a sickle and saying I haven’t appointed you to plow to using a combine. I have appointed you to go and glean the edges of the field where the combine can’t go. There is precious fruit there that I don’t want to be lost.

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