Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Dudes at The Sign of Jonah

The dudes over at ..the sign of jonah.., an apologetics blog, have posted an excellent article which demonstrates absurdity by being absurd. They are continually criticized for examining the doctrine of the current "prophetic movement" and comparing their doctrines with Scripture; in this article, they demolish the arguments of their critics by substituting "prophetic movement" with "Mormonism" and thus showing how it all boils down to doctrine.

Well worth the read.


The Sign said...

Thanks for the link. I spent two years at Calvary Chapel South Denver before we moved back to MN. To me CC represents hope for the charismatic movement. I'll check out your blog for sure.

mike macon said...

Rock on, and thanks for the comment thanking me for the link to your blog which generated the comment which... oh, forget it.

Thank you for your collective diligence in examining the prophetic movement; makes my "job" a lot easier when someone who is doctrinally sound has done the majority of the legwork.

Again for my other readers: make sure to check out ..the sign of jonah...