Thursday, February 05, 2009


The world media – as usual – is again demonizing Israel for defending herself from unprovoked attack, even though the IDF (as always) went to herculean lengths to minimize civilian casualties.

A well-nigh impossible task, given that Israel’s enemies bravely hid themselves inside civilian populations and courageously fired at the Jews from behind the protection of women, children, and the infirm.

Again – as always.

Even so, the world media falls right into character and lambastes the Jews for defending themselves.  And they are all the more incensed because the Jews intentionally limited their response to Hamas’ attacks even to the point of taking fire from supposed civilians who carried RPGs and other weapons and fired into Jewish ranks, in an apparent attempt to provoke the IDF to return fire in self-defense so that the slavering, obsequious media mavens could jump in and pile on the Jews, proving to their uncritical audiences that yet again, Israel was the true impediment to peace (because the Jews continue to have the audacity to refuse to roll over and die when they are attacked).

Joshua Eastman, an oleh from Baltimore, fought in the recent Gaza conflict, and brings a bit of a reality check to the cacophonous chorus of media-driven world opinion on his blog, Through Josh-Colored Glasses.

The world is already trying to fault Israel, telling everyone that civilians died, and Israelis murdered. But I was there. My feet were on the ground and I saw the truth. I saw that warnings were given, I saw the enemy that fought us. I saw the twelve year olds with missiles and RPGs strapped to their backs. I saw that it was with sadness and great anger Israeli troops recognized the need to fire on people who crossed the red line, the danger zone which meant they saw us, and knew where we were. Old people mined with bombs, children armed with detonators, tunnels that opened in the ground to swallow our soldiers. I watched my commanders passing out all of our food to the children who were taken prisoner. I received the commands "closed to fire on the right" if our intelligence had reported civilians in the area. I watched us, more often then not, taking cover when supposed civilian positions fired on us from "the right|. Yet the world thinks it can bend the truth. We were not allowed to fire on schools. We were told not to loot. We watched in anger as our bombs, so as not to fall on large civilian centers, fell on our own troops, so that we could tell the world we were attempting to scare the enemy while limiting civilian losses.

Yet they won't say that in the press.

The full blogpost is a resounding counterpoint to the world media.

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