Saturday, July 28, 2007

So sorry, been terribly busy, buuuuut...

Okay, so being (Lord willing, temporarily) trivocational and getting ready to (hopefully) adopt a little man-child who's about to be born here at the end of August has been very... taxing. And time-consuming. So none of my usually laconic blogposts.

However, while getting ready to dive into the Revelation tomorrow ( should I be like many of the new "Calvary-Lite" ECM-types that are beginning to enter the Calvary movement and give it a pretentious über-relevant "series" name... like "Visions!" or something...? Hmmmmmm...), I opened my Bloglines feed and found a link to a series of utterly, absolutely, ridiculously funny and apropos "motivational" posters for the ECM from the Team Pyro dudes.

(You can find the originals here.)

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Blue Skies said...

Hysterical! :):) Went to the web site, and send it to a few like-minded friends that 1) understand the emergent jargon and 2) have a sense of humor about it.

thanks for posting!